BENIK Kart is designed and assembled in the United States and manufactured in Italy. Using nothing but top of the line karting components, BENIK Kart’s focus is on quality, fit and finish to ensure an ease in customer assembly.

The BENIK Kart is a 28mm chrome moli design with a 950mm wheelbase. While most chassis manufacturers come with standard components and force users to upgrade, the BENIK Kart is user friendly and has all of these options included. The BENIK Kart comes standard with an angled steering hub, Tillet Seat, KG MK14 bodywork and decal kit, fully adjustable castor and camber as well as a hydraulic braking system with floating rear brake disc as well as magnesium engine mount.

While other manufacturers offer pedal systems for shorter drivers, the BENIK Kart has this built into each and every chassis. A second pedal mount position allows smaller/shorter drivers to easily be fitted to the slick BENIK Kart. Also, for the Rotax Mini Max market, the BENIK Kart comes with adjustable side pod widths to accommodate for the engine’s radiator, thus allowing no additional expense in side pod extenders.