Birel ART launched a new special line in association with one of the most impressive F1 driver: Daniel Ricciardo.
Ricciardo Kart is a line of go-karts which covers the whole range of categories, from Mini-kart, to Rotax and the CIK-FIA classes (OKJ, OK, KZ).
Ricciardo Kart has been completed with an official racing team in major competitions: Ricciardo Kart Racing.


I grew up racing karts, and even when I moved up to singe-seaters I never stopped supporting this sport, always enjoying some kart racing in my spare time. Being able to follow the design and construction of a kart from a blank sheet to track debut is an adventure thatยนs very fascinating and I am glad to do this with a Partner like Birel ART.
— Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo kart lines